Cruise chef reveals his favourite travel experience could have had an unfortunate end

Part of the cruise experience is global exploration, and no ship is that truer of than luxury exploration Yacht the Scenic Eclipse. Unsurprisingly, then, it’s staff have all had a taste of adventure over the years.

One such staff member is Tom Götter, Executive Chef and Head of Culinary, who revealed that not all of his favourite experiences are based in the kitchen.

Speaking to, he explained his favourite moment was one which, had his captain not commandeered the yacht so skilfully, had a very terrifying outcome.

“Given that Scenic Eclipse travels all around the world, I get to travel constantly, and this is easily one of the most rewarding aspects of the job,” he said.

“One of my all-time favourite on-the-job travel memories took place in Antarctica, wherein our experienced Captain negotiated an iceberg.”

Indeed, the very thing that infamously took down the Titanic in 1912, created a once-in-a-lifetime experience for crew and guests onboard.

Scenic’s captain managed to get close enough to the iceberg that “guests and crew [could] walk on it in the middle of the ocean.”

“Such moments are what makes a journey on board the Scenic Eclipse so special, and it’s certainly an experience I will never forget,” added Tom.

It’s moments such as this which mean “no two days are ever the same”.

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And with so many routes to span, with itineraries including Antarctica, the Mediterranean and the Americas to name a few, it’s no wonder.

Along with “travelling the world”, a huge part of the job that keeps Tom’s passion burning is exploring all of the food the world has to offer.

“I think the thing I love most about my job is that, even after 15 years as a chef, I’m still learning and feeling inspired by food,” he continued.

“No matter how accomplished you are in the kitchen, there are always new techniques to learn and ingredients to discover – which is what makes the role so inspiring.

“I work with more than 15 nationalities and by just walking through the kitchens you can learn so much, it’s just amazing!”

What’s more, immersing himself into local cultures means Tom can uncover new ingredients and bring them onboard to fully ramp up the guest experience.

“Travelling the world, sampling new flavours, and pursuing your passion (for me, food) – what more could you ask for from your career?” he said,

“Journeying to different countries, exploring local produce and investigating markets will, to me, always be innately exciting.

“For example, when we sail to North America, I always get excited to source local ingredients from the markets of Quebec; their blueberries and mushrooms are unique to that coastline and really are something else.”

Thanks to this, Tom and his team are able to handcraft and tailor dishes specific to the route they are sailing.

“I think many people underestimate the huge amount of work and organisation that goes on behind the scenes to bring guests such opulent and exciting dining experiences on the seas,” he said.

“Scenic Eclipse truly does offer a passage to flavour, with our restaurants covering a plethora of culinary styles from across the globe.

“Relying on local produce, we offer both authentic dishes and exciting ‘fusion’ plates to our guests, ensuring that every dining experience brings memorable flavours and culinary encounters.”

Whether passengers are sailing the Fjords, or indeed walking on icebergs, Scenic Eclipse’s team aim to ensure there’s a dish to go with it.

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