‘Beware’ Cruise passengers issue packing warning

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Cruise holidays often visit multiple destinations and guests will need to make sure they’re prepared for each one. A regular passenger issued a packing warning on Reddit.

They said: “Bring comfortable shoes when you get off the boat. Sometimes you choose to walk.

“Sometimes logistics break down and you might need to hustle to get back in time.”

Although missing the ship is every cruise passenger’s nightmare, unfortunately it can happen.

Cruise passengers are most likely to miss the ship if they’ve been drinking or if they get stuck in traffic.

If a passenger is on a cruise ship excursion, the ship will usually wait for them to get back onboard.

However, if a passenger is on a separate excursion or on a self-tour, they could be in danger of missing the ship.

If that happens, a guest may need to run to make sure they get back so comfortable shoes are a must.

It’s a good idea to pack comfy shoes anyway as many cruise excursions involve a lot of walking.

The passenger added: “Make sure you drink lots of water, especially if you’re drinking alcohol and pack sunscreen.

“Sunburn on vacation is worse than doing laundry. Bring sunglasses and hats but beware of wind on the top deck.”

If cruise passengers are travelling to a sunny destination, they will need to ensure to pack suncream.

Hats are a great way to protect a person’s scalp from the sun and can also be used to shield their eyes.

However cruise ships can be very windy and passengers could be in danger of losing a hat to the sea.

Top decks are usually the windiest spot but guests’ balconies can also be risky when it comes to wind.

If passengers want to leave swimsuits out to dry, it’s a good idea to secure them with clothes pins to avoid losing them to the wind.

The guest said: “I bring cash to tip and stuff. No need to go overboard with either but crew that care deserve a bit of gratitude.”

Cruise ship crew usually work very long hours and often start their shift before customers wake up.

If guests want to show their appreciation for the crew they can offer tips and some even like to leave a handwritten note.

Most passengers will have the same room steward for the duration of their cruise and may get to know them a little.

Waiting staff may also get to know passengers if guests choose to dine at the same restaurants.

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