Amtrak Donates Surplus Food to Charities During Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak has forced Amtrak to reduce and temporarily suspend service across several national routes, which has resulted in a surplus of food supplies.

Amtrak announced Wednesday it would donate the extra food left over as a result of the reduced demand to shelters in need during this viral pandemic.

To offer charitable food donations and increase distribution efforts, Amtrak has teamed up with centers in several major metropolitan areas, including City Harvest in New York City.

“Since its inception, Amtrak has always been a part of the community to provide essential services to those who need it most,” Amtrak executive vice president Roger Harris said in a statement. “This program reduces waste and helps struggling Americans who may need extra help in these challenging times.”

Last week, The LOSSAN Rail Corridor Agency, which oversees the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner service, was awarded $38.7 million to fund a package of projects that will expand and improve passenger rail service in southern California.

In addition, Amtrak announced earlier this month it would receive over $1 billion in financial aid to support the rail company’s efforts to prevent, prepare for and respond to the spread of coronavirus, as well as offset the drop in demand.

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