A new European hotel chain makes its debut

The new British hotel chain Quartz Inn Hotels & Resorts was unveiled at the WTM trade show in London on Nov. 3.

The chain is made up of independent and sustainable hotels, owned and operated by their owners, according to managing director Ignacio Merino.

The idea is to facilitate access to the latest hotel technology for those independent hotels that do not have sufficient means to compete with the large hotel chains, he said.

The brand will also formalize the standards of service, safety, hygiene and sustainability, while preserving the character of each establishment.

“The expansion plans of our company are to end 2022 with over 100 affiliated hotels throughout Europe,” Merino said.

“We want to promote direct sales for our hotels and contribute to creating a more sustainable tourism industry, maintaining the local cultures, reducing energy and water use and eliminating single-use plastic in the rooms.”

Unlike other franchise models, properties do not pay entrance or monthly fees. Quartz Inn Hotels handles all sales, marketing, online reputation and sustainability standards for a minimum percentage of the sales.

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